The painful ‘second post’

Why did no one tell me that the second post is actually harder than the first one??  Here is where I start to create the direction that my blog is going to go in. (wow that’s a lot of Os & Gs….)  Maybe I’ll just try not to worry about it, because that’s sort of the whole point of this (at least according to my own first post).  

…hours later I’m back at my computer….

I am reminded again today that I do not like to be around negative people.  It’s hard to articulate this without also being negative, but I’m-a gonna try!

Now, I’ll admit, I can be a bit of pushover at times.  I’m very empathetic and I can almost always see what could be motivating someone.  It doesn’t mean I excuse or agree all the time, but it means I have a hard time judging too harshly.  Just today the Dalai Lama tweeted: “In general I think that anger is a sign of weakness and tolerance a sign of strength.”  I don’t know that it makes me feel strong necessarily, but I definitely feel better all around when I can react without anger.

Too often I witness others who react with strong negative emotions to the fuck-ups, the achievements, the beliefs and sometimes just the existence of others.  Periodically we are all allowed to have irrationally intense responses ignited by jealousy over another’s success, or anger over an injustice committed.  Where I think we all need to reassess is when our instinctive reaction is negative and angry.  It’s ok to not like a band, but do we need to ‘hate’ them?  Fine to be frustrated by a client, but does that really make them ‘idiots’?  I would like to see everyone take a breath before they speak and consider the words about to escape their lips.  What do they really mean?  What do you really mean?  As my first year women’s studies prof used to ask – “Who benefits? To what purpose?” 

Who benefits?  To what purpose?

Take a moment and really think about that the next time you hear anger in your own voice.  



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