The fearless ‘third post’

Had a good chat with a dear and trusted friend this evening about this blog, my future, some goals for writing, for traveling, for living.  He accused me (but with love and kindness!) of perhaps not being fully truthful, or at least planning a less than truthful future for the telling of my story.  And in some ways he was right. I was letting my fear of being too open colour my vision of what could be.

I reaffirmed for myself that it’s important to follow the idea of openness that I set out with, and also ok to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! This is a journey and I’ll keep improving the farther I go!

Fear. I’ve seen this theme rising up in statuses, posts, comments and tweets all over my network over the past couple of days.  A bit of full moon effect maybe?  For crying out loud, even last night’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode was called “Listening to Fear”!  

Most of the messages are about suddenly realizing that we’ve been living in this culture of fear.  The choices we make are no longer about progressing and growing, but about staying safe and minimizing risk.  I am excited as hell to hear so many people waking up at the same time and remembering a time in their lives when they lived fearlessly, and best of all, remembering how damn rewarding it is!  The most amazing things happen when you let go of this silly notion of staying ‘safe’.  

The best part about ignoring fear is that moment when you think, “What was I so afraid of?”  The trick is remembering that at the next crossroad.

What if we all decide to take leaps and risks, not because we have to to survive, but because we can and we choose to?  How different could our lives be?  Well, let’s find out shall we?

Take a risk. Leap. Just because you can.  See what magic you can create! 



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