The inspired ‘fourth post’

We are bombarded all the time by inspirational messages meant to give us hope, to make us strive to be better workers/lovers/parents/citizens, to push us to achieve more and to be happier.  Like many of us, I read these missives and think ‘yes!’  I dream that I’m going to change my thinking, adjust my attitude, and become the best me that I can possibly be!  

Then life creeps in and I start to worry about money, or time, or obligations and limitations, and suddenly that inspiration has become just more chatter in my head. Now I am writing a blog and putting my thoughts out there, in part to be a bit narcissistic and share my journey, but also to inspire others to make positive changes.

Being inspired is step one.  That lovely moment when you think that something new is possible.  You breathe deeper, you smile a secret smile, you’re filled with hope!  Now what?

The lesson I keep re-learning is about step two.  This is where I often get bogged down in planning, analyzing and frequently engaging in self-defeating practices.  What moves me forward into action and results is remembering the concept of micro-movements.  The smallest change now can change the trajectory of your future.  A tiny step in a different direction and suddenly the view changes!

I’ve taken a few little steps lately and I can see around the corner again!  The view is fascinating and beautiful and full of promise!  Now I’m working on step three, which is where the planning comes in.  And I’m finding that the plans are almost taking care of themselves because I’ve left myself open to the change I’m putting in motion.

Take a tiny step in a different direction, and see what the view is like…



5 thoughts on “The inspired ‘fourth post’

  1. is the stirrup picture a pun on posting? if so, it’s the wrong kind of stirrup. But the post is great. i read an inspirational email every day; well not every day. sometimes i just hit delete you.


  2. Hahaha! It was my favourite picture of a foot (taking a step…) that I had in my photo library. As soon as I find a new camera (or at least the cord to the crappy one I have), then I hope to start posting current photos. Love you too! And glad you like!


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