I quit my job to go fishing with my dad!

Yes, it’s true!  I quit my job to go fishing with my dad in the Florida Keys!

Last April I got to spend 11 days in Key Largo with my dad.  He had rented a house there for the month and drove down and back.  A few times since then he has said that sometime I should really join him for the drive because it’s so beautiful.  I started to think about when ‘sometime’ was.  He’s 70, and I’m 40.  Exactly when is this elusive ‘sometime’??  

I had been trying to figure out what was next in my life.  Exploring different jobs in my field of event planning, and not finding anything that really got me excited.  Last year I started making jewelry, and that got me excited!  I loved seeing my friends’ reactions when I gave them a bracelet, or showed them a collection and let them pick their favourite. 

I’ve always dabbled with photography and when I take a shot that comes out the way I envisioned it, that makes me excited!  And most recently, writing this blog, labouring over my words and putting it out into the world – that excites me!

See the theme here?  I create something, my heart sings, I feel joy!

Unfortunately in my chosen career, there is not a lot left of me at the end of the day. I consider myself to be ‘in service’ to my clients.  I am a tool to help them create the event they envision.  I can make suggestions and help them find a direction, but if I do my job right, they should think they did it pretty much all on their own.

Someone recently asked me what my greatest skill was.  The first thing that came to mind was that I make people feel at ease.  I wasn’t sure this was the answer they were looking for, but they latched onto the idea and really acknowledged its rarity and importance.  

What I’m looking for now, is some kind of balance.  A way to be able to pursue my creative interests, to learn more about the technical aspects of my crafts, to improve to a level where someone might even want to buy what I can create!  But also to continue to utilize the part of me that seems to be intangible, but is perhaps as simple as “putting people at ease”, making them feel comfortable and looked after.

Now I am going to take some time to play with how to create this balanced life where I get to use the best of me, and be the best of me.  Where I can feel happy and fulfilled, and have a positive impact on the people around me.  There’s no reason to be anything but happy!  

That elusive ‘sometime’ is NOW.  No more waiting for the right time, best time, safe time!  No more regretting that I ‘can’t’ do what I love.  I’m just going to go ahead and do it.  Simple as that.

Yes, I quit my job to go fishing with my dad.  What are you going to do to change the trajectory of your life?  What makes you truly feel joy?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear your story!


photo credit: My dad


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