Oooh! Look! Shiny!!

There are a ridiculous number of things swirling around in my head these days.  I’ll be talking to someone and think ‘that’s a great idea for a blog post’!  Or attending an event and thinking ‘must write about this experience’!  Or trying to fall asleep and wishing that I could be awake enough to write, or just be tired enough to drift off. And now here I am with fingers on the keyboard again, and I can’t focus my mind down to one clear coherent topic to write about.

And here’s why: I spent last week attending shows at Canadian Music Fest.  Spent my weekend working and then being glued to CNN, CBC Newsworld and even Twitter getting overwhelmed with images and information about the devastation in Japan.  Then got up early to volunteer for an amazing group of folks at the Achilles Track Club on Sunday morning, followed by an afternoon congratulatory “brunch” with some dear friends wishing me well on my journey.  Add into the mix multiple meetings and discussions with wonderfully supportive people that are opening my eyes up to a world of possibilities for my future.

Where do I start??  Until writing it down I knew I’d been busy, but honestly, that’s a lot of sensory input!  I’m not surprised I slept for 12 hours on Sunday night.  (ok, I woke up for a spaghetti break around 11pm…)

My only choice has been to keep riding the wave.  I’ve continued to fill the well, but I crave the time to stop and actually drink from it!  I keep one eye on that light at the end of the tunnel which is the 28th – the day I get in the car with my dad and drive south.  For a few days I’ll be in transit, traveling, moving.  And that is one of my favourite places to be.  That space between places where there are no responsibilities, where the single task is to keep moving.  (And to keep an eye out for the next pee stop that also sells beef jerky!)

Next post I promise I’ll settle down and focus on one thing, but at the moment it’s chaos in my head!

What do you do to make the world stop spinning so fast?  How do you focus your energies on one thing when there are so many shiny things to catch your attention?



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