Doing One Thing at a Time

Well, it’s April 4th today and I am just finally beginning to wind down and find a new balance.  I have been fishing and swimming every day so far, and the fresh air is doing wonders for every single part of me.  Winter is ok as a concept, but I absolutely love to just slip on some flipflops and a hat and head out the door without worrying about jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, etc, etc.  Admittedly, here I worry about things like sunscreen and a bottle of water instead, but it’s a bit easier to take that kind of prep work to leave the house!

One thing I am learning about myself is that while I can do nothing exceptionally well, I actually really like keeping occupied.  Not madly rushing from thing to thing, but picking up a task and not worrying about what else I ‘should’ be doing.  Doing that one thing until I’m done, bored, hungry or too tired.  What an absolute treat it is to be able to approach life this way.  I assume that other people must proceed this way all the time, but I’m used to multi-tasking to the point of mayhem!  One thing at a time is rare for me.

Here is a photo of me doing one thing – enjoying the sunset!  Do you do one thing at a time, or are you a chronic multi-tasker?  Try to turn everything else down to focus on whatever you are doing in the moment.  It’s amazing how much better you can be at that one thing when it has your full attention…  What needs the benefit of your full attention today?


Photo Credit: My dad


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