Not so much a loner some more Fish & Florida Keys Sunsets!

I have discovered something about myself this week that I hadn’t expected.  Turns out that I’m more of a social person than I realized!  I’m here in the Florida Keys with my dad, who is wonderful, but he lives a very different life from me, and doesn’t understand my need to leave the house in the evenings!  I didn’t think I would need to have interaction with anyone other than myself and my dad.  I thought the solitude would be lovely.  And it is, to a point.  But what I’m finding is that I want to share it!  I want to turn to someone and say ‘hey – did you see that?’ or to meet up for a pint at the local pub, or go for an evening stroll and have a conversation about life.  Parents are good for some things, but no matter what our age, we don’t always want to share everything with them, nor do they want us to!

I suppose I had thought of myself as a loner.  Someone who enjoys my own company over anyone elses.  It would appear that this is not necessarily the case after all.  Way to go self!  Keep the surprises coming!

And now, for some lovely pics from the weekend in the Florida Keys.  Some needlefish, sunsets and yet another fish caught that we couldn’t actually eat:



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