Rum & Coke under the Tiki Hut!

Two more nights in the Florida Keys, then we start the journey home.  I’m trying to live in the moment, but I can’t help but glance towards the near future as I have new adventures on the horizon! 

When I left home a month ago, I was exhausted both mentally and physically.  I’d been working 12-16 hour days trying to wrap up 9 years at the same company, and also trying to prepare for a month long trip!  At the same time I was making sure that I had something to come home to because unfortunately, I’m not independently wealthy and this isn’t a permanent retirement!

Now I sit here drinking a rum and coke under the tiki hut overlooking Florida Bay with the bittersweet knowledge that there won’t be many more moments like this for a while.  We’ll be packing up the car and on the move again, still having adventures, but also slowly transporting the psyche to a place of a bit more responsibility, and a lot less saltwater!

I’m not going to do a full-on trip retrospective today though.  Plenty of time for that!  For now, let’s focus on the stuff that’s currently making my life so wonderful!

1 – Drinking rum & coke under the tiki hut overlooking Florida Bay


2 – Fishing in the ocean


3 – A really good tan and saltwater hair


4 – Seafood


5 – Island music /home.cfm

6 – Sunsets


7 – Being outside almost 24/7


8 – Hats


9 – Wearing a bathing suit under every outfit


You were expecting a number 10, weren’t you?  Well, the thing is, there are an infinite number of things putting a smile on my face here in the Florida Keys.  I could go on forever, but I do need to get a few hours sleep tonight!

Suffice to say that I’m so glad I took this trip!  Not a single regret, except that I didn’t do it sooner.  I’ve often heard folks say “I wish I could do that”, and my only reply is – then do it!  Worth every sacrifice, and quite frankly I can’t really remember what I had to sacrifice to get here anymore…


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