Technical Difficulties

As with any new adventure, this one has come with its share of technical difficulties.

I was packing madly on Thursday night and called my dad at 2:30am because he was supposed to hit the road at 2 and I still hadn’t heard from him.  He was just about to leave so all was good, but when I asked if he had my fishing rod and he said “No, you have it!” that’s when panic set in!  My first rod that was all mine, and I couldn’t find it!!  Scoured every nook and cranny in my apartment to no avail.  Texted my downstairs neighbour a couple times to see if she knew where it was, and finally broke down and called her at about 3:30am. Rejoicing followed when she said “What’s all the fuss? I know where it is!”  Yippee!!  Tucked in the garage safe and sound, my tears dried (I know, lame, but it was important!) and I was back on track to hit the road!

We made it to Columbia, SC the first night and couldn’t believe the difference from last year.  Spring was most definitely a lot earlier this year.  Dogwood blooming all through West Virginia and full leaves on trees where last year there was only grey and brown.

Saturday morning we hit the road around 9, planning to stop for coffee at the first appropriate spot.  The place we chose was closing for renovations the next day and they were OUT OF COFFEE!!!  Wtf!!

The rest of Saturday was good – lots of driving, a short time out for me while a migraine descended along with a host of storm clouds, intermittent rain and sun, and finally we were in Florida!  So many cars on the I95 in Georgia and up to the cut-off for Orlando and then Daytona, but we were just happy to still be moving.

Then we tried to find somewhere to sleep.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Apparently spring break is on for some states, so we literally could not find a room.  Ended up all the way in the Keys by about 2am, still no code to get into our rental house, and nowhere to stay.  Thankfully the guard took pity on us and let us park inside the grounds and we slept in the car from about 3:30-7:00am when Alex, our fabulous guard, called the landlords and got the code for us!  Yippee!  Drove the car about 300ft with my eyes all sleep-swollen.  No obstacles in the way thankfully!  

We slept for a few hours and then headed into the parking lot that is the Overseas Hwy on a Sunday afternoon heading off-Keys.  Had breakfast where my dad picked up the waitress (true story!), got our reels re-strung (or re-reeled or whatever it’s called when they put new line on for you…)  and then made our way to the Islamorada Days festival to get a couple of hats for my favourite 1-yr-old!  Got to see a great rockabilly band – The Pittbull of Blues Band – bought their CD!  Then on to get fishing licences and groceries. 

The other crappy tech issue is that my newly fixed camera is not recognizing the memory cards!  Argh!!!  So, this is my first picture-less post.  Hopefully my last, but I’m about ready to scream in frustation at it! 

So, technical difficulties aside, we are here, we are happy and we are ready to start fishing tomorrow!!!


2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Boo for the lost fishing pole.Yay for F knowing where to look!Yay for the found fishing pole!Yay for pretty, pretty early spring!Boo for no coffee.Boo for rain.Yay for getting through the rain to the sun!Boo for Spring Break.Yay for Alex…can’t wait to meet him!Boo for traffic.Yay for re-reeling, rockabilily, licenses and food!Boo for cruddy memory card compatibility.Yay for fishing!Extra yay that my countdown is at a mere 4 days!…ummm…we need to talk about Tato’s hook-up.


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