We Caught Dinner!!

So the one real goal my dad and I have when we fish is to catch dinner.  Last year it took quite a while before we caught fish we could eat, so we enjoyed a lot of pasta instead!  Today, on our first fishing foray, we managed to catch a mangrove snapper just big enough to eat!  Yahoo!!!


And here’s what it looked like about an hour later:


Delicious! (not exactly filling, but it’s a good start!!)

The other exciting catch of the day was a little Bonnethead Shark that my dad caught!  This one lived to see another day but it was fun to witness!


We saw about 5 or 6 Spotted Leopard Rays today as well:


And about the same number of Giant Sea Turtles!  I’m not up on the exact species yet, but perhaps I’ll research these lovely creatures a bit more over the month.


Got one camera operational, still working on the other one. Swam in the pool here at the resort and got just enough sun for one day so I no longer look like a ghost!  All in all, Day 2 was a success! 


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