Whoops! I threw dinner back by accident!

88 degrees today in the Floriday Keys!  Can’t beat it!

We travelled south to Marathon today instead of our usual trip north to Islamorada where our favourite bait shop is.  Marathon is a collection of islands and has the largest population in the Keys next to Key West. 

Had a Lobster Reuben at the Fisheries – deliciousness!  And then took our full bellies to Tom’s Harbour Cut #4 for some fishing.  At first it was a bit boring – no bites even, which is odd in the Keys.  The fishing here is very active compared to freshwater fishing.  Basically, you cast your line in and get a bite or a nibble and pull in your line with either a fish or an empty hook.  There isn’t a lot of waiting paitently – Thank goodness!  Patience is not my best virtue!

It never got really active at this spot, but I managed to make a couple good catches!  The first was a Spanish Mackerel – my first ever!  After the obligatory photo shoot, I pulled out the hook and said goodbye as I threw it back in the water.  Just as I let go my dad cried, “What are you doing??”  Turns out my lovely fish could have been dinner tonight!  I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.  Mostly just excited and wanted to get him back to the ocean I guess.  I didn’t realize that my dad was getting the fish ruler out to make sure he was big enough to keep.  Oh, well.  At least he lived to see another day. 


My next catch was a 9 inch Mangrove Snapper – not big enough to eat, but I tried!


Forgot the camera for tonight’s sunset, but here is a shot from last night with my dad silhouetted as he looked for fish off of Tiki Island here at the resort.


After fishing we stopped at Sombrero Beach for a quick swim in the ocean to cool off and a wee nap on the beach.  Just another day in paradise…


One thought on “Whoops! I threw dinner back by accident!

  1. Stash, the fishing is about to improve! The full moon is on the 6th! Make sure you’re fishing the next few days before and after!


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