Epic Battle!

This will be a short post as my arms are so tired I can barely type tonight!

I had decided that today would be a day ‘off’.  I was going to lounge by the pool, but I was foiled as the pool was closed for cleaning.  So instead I spent a few hours this afternoon at Sombrero beach snoozing, reading, swimming and sunning. Then, boredom set in, so off we went to fish again.

The first half hour was uneventful.  Some nibbles and bites, but nothing to write home about as they say.  Then, Wham!  Something hit my line and ran.  And ran and ran and ran!  About half of my reel of line was gone by the time it stopped running!  This was sometime after 5:30pm.

My dad came over to lend a hand (or two!) and what followed was nothing short of epic!  I fought as the line continued to zing out now and again, but I refused to give up even when my arms were so weak I though I wouldn’t be able to crank the reel even one more time.  My dad was amazing helping to keep the line off of the concrete barrier and pulling the rod back so I could reel in some line, although it was ages before we started to actually make any headway. 

Folks gradually got the gist that we weren’t just hooked on coral, but actually had something big on the line.  A crowd started to gather as often happens on the bridge when someone has something exciting going on!  Cars honked as they drove by and I still refused to give in.  At one point I croaked, “Coke, get the bottle!”  I needed a little jolt of sugar to boost my energy as my arms felt like they no longer belonged to me.  I joked that I really need to start working out!


That smile was only for the camera as mostly I was grimacing and not remotely worried about looking good for the camera!

The two guys walking towards me in the above shot were from Miami and when they passed going the other way they remarked, “Rocks are tough to land!”  I didn’t have the energy to retort then, but they felt like jerks when they passed us again and realized I was still fighting!


The thing about fishing is that you never know what’s on the line for sure until you get it in close.  Around 7:30pm (yes, almost 2 hours later!) I finally got it in close enough and a giant sea turtle surfaced!  3′ long and about 300 lbs!  Now, you never want to hook a turtle, but when you do, it’s best to get it as close as you can before you cut the line, which is exactly what we did.

I’m sure the turtle was just as tired as I was, but he was otherwise fine and I hope that we cut the line close enough to not cause him any damage.

Lots of kudos on the bridge for my staying power, even if there was a little disappointment that it wasn’t a big fish!  And now I’m off to bed and looking forward to a hot tub in the morning.

One final pic – cute little gecko that doesn’t sell insurance:



One thought on “Epic Battle!

  1. I forgot to mention that I had 15lb test line and a 30lb test monofilament leader! For those that know, kinda impressive, eh? 😉


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