South Beach, the One I Caught (and ate) and the One that Got Away!

2 posts in one today!  First the South Beach playtime yesterday in photos, and then today’s fishing exploits!


Today we went fishing again (shocking, I know!) and had good luck and bad.  The good luck was that I caught a Blue Runner and we added it to yesterday’s Mangrove Snapper caught by Tato and had an amazing dinner!  Here’s how it played out:


And then I hooked a big ‘un!  At one point a nice boater cut his engine and got close enough to see what we had and he raised his arms in the air and spread them as wide as they would go!  We still don’t know for sure what it was, but best guess is a shark by the way it fought.


After about an hour and a half, and just as the big fish started to tire, a stupid (!!) boater ran over my line and cut it.  My dad defended my honour and walked down the bridge to yell down at them (they were fishing under the bridge by this time) and they just gave attitude.  If they hadn’t pointed out my line and seen what was happening I might have been less irritated, but they were just irresponsible and I just hope that they didn’t harm the fish.

The day ended with a jump in the pool with my sister!  Followed of course by a fabulous dinner!!


Key West tomorrow for “traditional” (for us anyway!) Easter Sunday celebrations at Hog’s Breath Saloon!


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