The Southernmost Point in the Continental US

For those of us that have spent time in the Keys, Key West is like a trip to the ‘big city’ when you live in a small town.  It’s noisy with lots of people, music, drinking, restaurants, shopping, etc, etc.  This can be disconcerting when you’ve spent days fishing and swimming and being ‘busy’ just with daily life. 

Everything is a journey to get to here.  The Keys are a collection of coral islands connected by one road – the Overseas Highway – 127.5 miles of often single-lane driving from one end to the other.  At the end of the road, is Key West.  Boisterous and with a life of its own, it’s a different breed from the rest of the keys.  Here’s a taste of this historic and vibrant town:

Did I mention that there’s a bit of an anarchist sentiment here, particularly in Key West?  A definite love/hate relationship with the tourists.


Art and music are plentiful from galleries and festivals to street art and barroom crooners.


(above photo by Katrusia Marunchak Paravani)


(above photo by Katrusia Marunchak Paravani)

The Key West Cemetery is beautiful and sad at the same time.  A photographer’s dream as there is no shortage of amazing images to be captured here.


This coat of arms is on the gate to “A los martires de cuba” a section for Cuban freedom-fighters:


The Cuban heritage in the Keys is celebrated and honoured at a beautiful museum on Duval Street.  Here are a couple of images from the museum that I thought were particularly lovely and intriguing:


And of course there are no shortage of watering holes to find fun characters and to drink a rum punch or two!


We celebrate Easter Sunday with a 10-yr-old tradition started by some friends called D4J (Drinkin’ for Jesus).  It began as a reason for friends to get together at least once a year to celebrate the family that we create.  This year I celebrated with the family that I was born into!


My dad telling a story!  As you do when you’re bellied up to the bar in Key West!


My sister took this great photo of Easter Sunday Chicks!!


Some of the random beauty that you come across when you wander the streets of Key West:


And some random silliness!


I have some of my own history here in Key West.  At the age of four I came here for the first time and had my photo taken in front of this amazing Banyan tree!


And for me, no trip to Key West is complete without replenishing my supply of Kino Sandals!


Have I missed anything?  I’m sure I have!!  But you’ll just have to come and explore for yourself.  Stray off the beaten path and make Key West your own.  There’s a lot of magic to be found here.



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