Turtles and other cuteness!

The winds have calmed today and wow! What a difference!  I’ll post more later once I have access to my sister’s photos, but for now here are a couple pics of the turtle we watched nibble at delicacies at Mile Marker 65 in the Florida Keys:


We think it’s a Loggerhead, but just waiting for a confirmation.

The most amazing sight today was a school of Tarpon meeting a school of about 7 Spotted Eagle Rays and a Barracuda getting caught in the middle of it all.  The Rays wasted no time in letting everyone know who was boss!  THIS is why we love it down here!!

And we had some fun being goofy too because that’s what life’s all about, n’est pas?


My sister’s nickname is Kat.  I think she may have misread the sign!


My sister showing her fish who’s boss!


Sisters. 🙂


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