Sometimes the sunset is the priority

When you spend some time away from your regular life, you get the chance to rejig things a bit.  You can view your life through a new lens. 

My current lens is filled with sunrises & sunsets (see below for the latter!), with fish and sea creatures, turquoise ocean waters and blue skies.  Jimmy Buffett and ocean breezes are my soundtrack.  Spiced rum & Corona, freshly caught fish and fruit ripened by the sun are the banquet I enjoy here. 

There’s a simplicity about my life at this moment.  Too hot? Take a swim.  Bored?  Bait a hook.  Tired?  Have a nap.  It seems idyllic in some ways, but what it really reminds me is that when I’m at home in my “real” life, I spend far too much time worrying about the how of things.  I get wrapped up in the process, instead of just doing it – whatever “it” may be. 

Here in paradise I take less time thinking about what’s important, and instead allow the act of living become the important thing. 

Reminding myself again to just stop and watch the sunset.  I mean really, truly, watch the sunset.  Shut everything else off and let this moment be what’s important.




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