Feeling Crabby?

Many moons ago, I was a vegetarian.  I dabbled in being full-fledged vegan, macrobiotic, etc, etc.  It was a decision led by many things from environmental issues, to health, spiritual beliefs and even down to basic costs of buying meat.  When I started to really crave meat, I ignored it for a while, and then finally decided to just listen to my body.  For now, I’m happy to eat what makes me feel good and (when I’m not super-lazy), to try to keep a diverse diet and eat as locally as makes sense.

Obviously I’m currently more than ok with eating seafood!  There’s something pretty amazing about harvesting what you put on your table for you and your family; whether you garden, farm, fish or hunt, it’s wonderful to know exactly how your food got to your fork!

While my sister was down we stopped at Mr. Lobster one day – basically your typical fish market, but it’s outdoors and the boats are tied up behind the fish counters!  They have big pools with live crabs and on a whim we bought a couple for dinner. 


(above photo by Kat)

On the way home we stopped to buy some bait and asked the guys at Caloosa Cove for cooking advice!  Big pot, 1/2 a stick of butter, some garlic, a bit of water, then steam for 6 minutes & eat!

We were overjoyed at the simplicity and he said the magic word – Garlic – so we were sold!


Of course we had to make some garlic butter for dipping too!  (Thanks to Kat for this photo)

Now came the sketchy step that we really hadn’t thought much about until the moment arrived.  Someone had to put the crabs in the pot!  My sister lovingly took these next two photos of me being the “brave one”.


Then we put the lid on the pot, ran into the living room and cranked the volume on the TV while I kept one eye on the pot to be sure there were no escape attempts!

And a short 6 minutes later, voila!


Deliciousness!! And not nearly as traumatic as we made it out to be!

Moral of the story?  Give thanks to Mother Earth for providing you with sustenance.  Your karma will be ok. 😉


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