Seeing the world in Black and White


The older I get, the less I see the world in black & white – more and more I see those proverbial shades of gray.  (Thankfully not on my head yet though! Good genes!) (Oh, and NO reference to the book currently making middle-aged women horny all over the land)

Back on topic – black & white & gray. I’ve been continuing my photographic journey and discovering that sometimes hiding in a very nice photo, is a stunning black and white image.  For me it’s about the shapes, the textures, the composition of the shot.  At first it was sometimes a way of ‘saving’ a photo with colour that didn’t pop for me, but I’ve come to see it more as a tool to pare down an image to its foundation.  There’s an emotion that exists for me in black & white images that can sometimes be obscured by colour.

Here are some of the b&w shots I’ve taken this summer.


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