Tiptoe through the Cherry Blossoms!


Last Saturday I braved the crowds and took the subway to High Park to see the cherry blossoms.  Truly the only way to go is take transit & walk in.


I wandered the park surrounded by hundreds of people with cameras; families and couples posing for each other against a backdrop of branches bursting with blossoms! (how’s that for a little alliteration!?)


There’s a certain reverence that comes over you as you look around at this majestic trees literally bursting into spring.


You never know exactly when the cherry trees will bloom, and when they do, it lasts only a very short time and if you get wind and rain it’s even shorter.


As a child we had a lovely yellow forsythia bush that grew in front of my bedroom window.  I remember being amazed every spring when it rose like a phoenix after we had cut it back to nothing the previous year. At High Park, they were yet another backdrop for a million portraits & selfies!


Branches & branches full of little stars! Just incredible what Mother Nature accomplishes, isn’t it?


A big part of the beauty and mystique of the cherry blossoms is the sheer volume of them. When you take a bit of time to get up close & personal, you see the delicacy and beauty of each individual blossom.

_1220646 _1220647


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