Spiders and Birds and Death Marches, Oh My!

I simply cannot get over the beauty and abundance of natural wonder here in the Florida Keys.  On my little Tiki Island where I spend much of my ‘down time’, I am getting to know the resident pelicans, and today they introduced me to their friend the heron!


I feel like it’s a gift everytime I get to be this close to these incredible creatures.  I don’t suspect that it will, but I hope this sense of wonder doesn’t fade. 

We also spent some time in Long Key State Park today.  Unfortunately it was incredibly hot and there was very little breeze, so by about the half-way point in our nature walk, we felt more like we were on a death march!  Coolest sighting was a Golden Orb Spider, and further research tells me that the zigzag pattern in her web is called ‘stabilimenta’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stabilimenta .


The trail through the park is beautiful, but I definitely recommend bringing lots of water because even though it’s only one mile long, it can really deplete your resources on hot day!


And then I ended my day with a glorious sunset…..


Death march aside, it was another spectacular day in the Keys!